Aluminium Oil Catch Can with Air Flow Gauge and Internal Breather Foam


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Aluminium Oil Catch Can/Tank with Gauge


Universal high quality Aluminum Oil Reservoir Catch Can can with Air Flow Gauge and Internal Breather Foam

Manufactured from high quality thick aluminium with An Anodized Finish By OEM Approved & ISO Certified Manufacturers With Materials That Meets Or Exceeds Strict OEM Requirements (9000 9001 9002)

Designed To Bypass The Connection Between The Crankcase And Air Induction Intake Track To Capture Any Excess Oil, Moisture And Blow-By Gas From The Engine , keep your engine clean and cooler by air flow heat exchanger.

This catch can will not only keep your engine clean but it also enhances performance and life of internal engine components by reducing sludge build-up , product come with clear tube level indicator for easy visual checking of can/tank capacity.

External vacuumatic pressure gauge On 0~-0.1 MPa is design for air flow monitoring also the internal breather foam allowing clean air flow to Help circulation inside the tank during engine running.

This product is highly recommend for classic car , old car , drag car. REDUCE YOUR ENGINE TEMPERATURE , ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE , SPAN YOUR ENGINE LIFE!

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