“Fiberfab” The 60’s most famous kitcar manufacturer

“Fiberfab” The 60’s most famous kitcar manufacturer

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Warren Goodwin founded Fiberfab in 1964 , Fiberfab started building street rod parts and body panels for Mustangs in Los Angeles before moving on to kit cars. The company moved first to Sunnyvale, and then in 1966 to Santa Clara.It had a branch in West Germany from 1967 until 1973 at Ditzigen. The German company, also named Fiberfab severed its links with the American Fiberfab in 1973, moved to Aunstein, and began to make a jeep style vehicle of its own. It continued to make Bonitos until 1981 when it sold its version to a British Company.

In 1977 Fiberfab and James Crank’s JDEX Company combined to make a steam-powered record attempt car using the Aztec 7 body-kit powered by a LMC Corporation steam engine developed as part the Lear Steam Bus Program. They planned the speed record attempt for August at Bonneville. The car failed to exceed 100 mph and was sold to the Barber-Nichols Engineering Company. Barber-Nicholls rebuilt it. On its first attempt it reached 111 mph. Robert Barber at Bonneville on August 19, 1985 reached 145.607 mph but the car caught fire and was unable to complete its second run. The car is on display at the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada.

By 1979 the company was based at Minneapolis. In 1983 the company was sold to Classic Motor Carriages (at the time Fiberfab Incorporated’s largest competitor) and renamed Fiberfab International.

danielpicDaniel Goodwin , Warren Goodwin’s Oldest Son. Daniel has explained that when his Fathers Fiberfab was going strong, his younger brother David and Himself were very young, it was the 60’s! At that time his Father was busy building Fiberglass Add-On car parts, to replace the standard ones and give cars that
Exotic Look and Appeal worthy of the California Lifestyle!
Fiberglass Add-On parts made for the Ford Mustang’s, 1964 – 1966,The Fiberfab Mustang ET was born, just unbolt your old frontend and simply bolt on Fiberfab’s New Stylish Modern looking frontend, and away you go, The envy of Friends and Onlookers alike!

Daniel’s Father’s Fiberfab made many Beautiful Creations, Some Gone, Many are still Alive Today!


fiberfab2aztecThis is a Picture of Factory Fiberfab, Original Aztec’s were made here. If you look, in the background of this photo, you can see Fiberfab Aztec’s in various stages of completion!



This was Warren’s daily driver, a Fiberfab Aztec, not to much to ask for transportation,considering He was the Founder of Fiberfab and needed to set an example for others to follow!


Thank you for the Goodwin family for creating such a history and now we “DreamRider Garage” will follow and bring their legacy into the new world era.


Credit : Wikipedia , Fiberfab.us