Fiberglass VS Metal

Fiberglass VS Metal

January 8, 2016 0 By admin

No need to mention on ABS Plastic parts (front&rear bumper or fender or side skirt) or metal sheet car , since we see it everyday in over driving life , or even crash the car ourselves.



Some car used ABS Plastic for front bumper rear bumper and fenders , some are thin metal sheet. We saw this kind of car crashing on something everyday but how about fiberglass cars?

This video will open your mind on how fiberglass absorb the impact.

fiber3With our fiberglass body kit , we use resin with fiberglass+fiber cloth for strength enhancement , fiber will absorb impact and fiber cloth or carbon cloth will keep the elasticity and help support the impact.


fiber1Our first copy of “Original” GT-12 with fiberglass and fiber cloth. Lighter weight and and stronger than original one .


The Original GT-12 body is more heavier , even need a strong man or two to lift the part but with our body part , it can be lift up with only 1 hand. Imagine how fuel saving and speed gaining it will for replace the beetle metal body?