Yes , we do IMPORT and EXPORT worldwide

Yes , we do IMPORT and EXPORT worldwide

December 24, 2015 0 By admin

“At first , I imported car parts just to fix my car , turn out it getting bigger and bigger then when I look at it again… I did imported the TRUCK COE!”


In 2010 , I bought my first american muscle car , “Mustang” , here in Thailand but due to lack of restoration parts , I did order and import parts from USA to complete his car.

In 2012 , many new parts are too expensive , what I did is looking for used parts and salvage part cars and decided to import them here in Thailand.

After many trade , I now business partnership with restoration shop in New York , USA. and we have been working together as an A-TEAM since then.

Since 2013 til now , more than 6 containers per year and car parts shipment has been importing here and more than 10 cars per year imported by us.


We do restoration/manage client’s project cars and we do selling cars. Many of project cars , muscle cars , rat rod , classic cars are distributed around the country by us in low price to make every one “Dream Car” come true.

YES! , we can do import and YES! with our wide connection , we can do EXPORT! Doesn’t mean that we can do it cheaper than others but yes , we can get your dream to your door safe and sound.