Beginning of the “Eleanor GT”

Beginning of the “Eleanor GT”

December 7, 2015 0 By admin

Not later than 3 months of the “DreamRider GT” , we decided to follow the footsteps of Avenger GT , then we got the car in few months later , it is amazing but after we look into it history and the car in that era , 60’s , we decided to renew all the body with all new concept.




Avenger GT is not a GT40 replica but it was a car which got inspiration from “Ford GT 40 1964 concept car”



Fiberfab Avenger_01

First Avenger GT-12 released on 1966 and “GT-12” named with respect to the first 12 GT40 prototypes and was designed to be assembled by the owner as a kit car.

After we studied on its history and we decided to put back more in the GT40 design back on the car but we still want something new and unique.. then the idea came up with one of the most famous car in 60’s “Eleanor”, A Ford Mustang 67 with modern body kit.

avenger1 avenger2

After a lot of work done , we got the prototype of what we want , “Eleanor GT”. This prototype is ready to put on beetle rolling chassis now but still need a lot of work on details to complete the car.

avenger3 avenger5 avenger4 avenger6

We are surely will finish the first prototype and release the “Eleanor GT” kit in 2016.